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  核心提示: 《合金装备:幸存》正在进行公开beta测试和媒体预览评测,整体口碑还不错,尤其迎合求生类感兴趣的玩家的口味。 任...



任何玩过《合金装备5:幻痛》的玩家都会毫不吝啬赞美之词,这款游戏是设计最出色、玩法最多样的作品是一。射击、潜行、总体操控体验都堪称大师级。也正因如此,《合金装备5》是2016年最杰出同时也最具话题性的游戏。这还不算“她需要通过皮肤呼吸”那一套无厘头理论。"Alloy equipment: survival" is conducting public beta test and media preview evaluation. The overall word of mouth is pretty good, especially for the players who are interested in survival.
Any play "metal gear 5: phantom pain" the game player will not hesitate to praise, this game is the most excellent design, most of the work is a play. Shooting, sneaking, and overall control experience are all masters. That's why alloy equipment 5 is the most outstanding and most topic - oriented game in the 2016. This is not "she needs to breathe through their skin" and that a nonsensical theory.

但是,虽然拥有明显的口碑优势和一流的基础框架,《合金装备:幸存》却遭遇了类似《使命召唤:无限战争》的诟病。“这不是我所认识的《合金装备》”;“《合金装备》什么时候变得这么愚蠢?这个系列游戏最重要的是要有深度。”;“科乐美这是压榨《合金装备》品牌的剩余价值,砸招牌圈钱走人。”等等言论不绝于耳。事实上,这有点像是新的《星球大战》宣布拍摄计划以后,一些“粉丝”立刻痛心疾首地担心经典被糟蹋一样。总会有一些神经敏感的人,只要有创新的续作存在,他们就会感到被冒犯,因为这相当于糟蹋了他们的童年记忆。However, despite its obvious word of mouth and first-rate basic framework, "alloy equipment: survival" has been criticized like the call of Duty: the Infinite War. "This is not the alloy equipment I know", "when did the" alloy equipment "become so stupid? The most important thing for this series of games is to have depth. "This is the surplus value; KONAMI press" alloy equipment "brand, smashing signs quanqian." And so on, and so on. In fact, this is a bit like after the new "Star Wars" announced the shooting schedule, some fans immediately worry about spoiled as classic with deep hatred and resentment. There are always some nerves, as long as there are innovative sequel, they will feel offended, because this is equivalent to ruin their childhood memories.

但其实这些担心有多少真凭实据呢?单说“《合金装备》必须要有深度”这一点吧,任何一个由《合金装备》系列陪伴渡过童年的玩家都应该知道,《合金装备》系列最大的特点就是无厘头。这款游戏里有吸血鬼、有躲子弹、有兜售轨道炮的泳装模特,还有玩轮滑的胖子,名字就叫“胖子”。玩家们肯定也不会忘记扛着火箭筒猎恐龙。总之《合金装备》系列虽然表面上很严肃很沉重,但它不是《教父》对不对?But in fact these worried about how many conclusive evidence? "Said the single" alloy equipment "must have the depth of this point, any one from" alloy equipment "series with his childhood game player should know that" alloy equipment "is the biggest characteristic of the series". There are vampires, hid bullets, a swimsuit model that sells track cannons, and a fat man who plays roller skating. The name is called "fat". We must never forget the game player carrying rocket hunting dinosaurs. In a word, the "alloy equipment" series, though very serious and heavy on the surface, is not the godfather, right?



这种对游戏厂商的敌意是前所未有的,无论科乐美做出怎样的决定,都会有遭到诟病的理由。或许大家讨厌科乐美的原因各不相同,有的说他们工作环境恶劣虐待员工,也有的说他们对于业界领袖人物不够尊重。没错,说的就是小岛秀夫,他以作品和个人魅力召集了一群忠诚的新图。People's dissatisfaction with the game is not really much related to the game itself. Survival games are now popular, and "alloy equipment" as a sneak game itself also has the basis of survival class games. In contrast, the rise of the "alloy equipment:" is actually more deviated from the core of the "alloy equipment" series, so the players criticised the game itself instead of the KONAMI behind the game.
The hostility to the game makers is unprecedented, and no matter what decision KONAMI makes, there will be a reason to be criticized. Maybe the reasons why you hate KONAMI are different. Some say they work in bad environment, but some say they don't respect the leaders. Yes, that is Kojima Hideo, he gathered a group of loyal to new works and personal charm.

所以《合金装备:幸存》究竟是怎样一款游戏都无所谓,对于小岛秀夫的信徒们来说,科乐美出品的《合金装备》象征着小岛秀夫的侮辱,他们见不得《合金装备:幸存》成功,因为如果成功了,就可能会有人认为之前《合金装备》系列的成功并不完全归功于他们的大神小岛秀夫。类似的情况我们可以看Ninja Theory的《DmC鬼泣》,这款游戏论制作水准可以称得上是系列史上最棒的,但许多粉丝就是不买账,原因只是游戏重新设计了主角。So the "metal gear: survive" is exactly how a game does not matter, for Kojima Hideo's followers, KONAMI produced the "alloy equipment" symbolizes Kojima Hideo's insult, they can not see the "surviving" metal gear: success, because if you succeed, you may have thought before "metal gear" the success is not entirely due to their great Hideo island. A similar situation we can see Ninja Theory's "DmC" the game of devil may cry, can be regarded as the best filmmaking Series in the history, but many fans do not buy it, because game redesigned the protagonist.

《合金装备:幸存》看上去是一款很好玩的游戏,笔者个人是很期待的,但遗憾的是许多人因为选择了“支持小岛秀夫”,所以也就间接选择了“抵制科乐美”,因此拒绝夸奖任何科乐美出品的游戏。并不是因为这款游戏可能会有微交易系统(事实上小岛秀夫的《合金装备5:幻痛》也有微交易),而是因为它和以前的作品不一样。总有些人只愿意活在过去,只愿意接受白头发的但丁。好在世界上还有另一群年轻人,可以接受新事物。"Surviving" looks: metal gear is a very fun game, the person is really looking forward to, but it is a pity because many people chose to support Kojima Hideo, so it is indirect selection of "boycott KONAMI", refused to praise any KONAMI games. It's not because the game may have micro trading system. In fact, Kojima Hideo's alloy equipment 5: phantom pain has micro transactions, but because it is different from previous works. Some people are only willing to live in the past, only willing to accept the white hair of Dante. Fortunately, there is another group of young people in the world who can accept new things.

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