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  核心提示: Many of the players in the circle of Azeroth will be familiar with such a race - sharp pointed dagg...

Many of the players in the circle of Azeroth will be familiar with such a race - sharp pointed daggers, strong ears...... The night elf living in the forest is such a race that many players talk about.
But there have been many people who think Elves as a game character were pioneered by blizzard.
Please, don't play "all" the origin of the stem, not tired of playing?




In fact, as a virtual character, the elves first appeared in the Germanic Mythology (chinahbhq). In the various legends, the elves characteristics can be summarized as follows: good at art, noble, elegant, smart, beautiful, longevity, cleanliness, naturalist, good at using magic and bows, living in the forest, which is a loose Kingdom between flat and other friendly - this is the "chinahbhq" series the earliest form of elves.其实作为虚拟人物,精灵最早出现在日耳曼(chinahbhq)神话中。在各种传说之中,精灵族的特质可以归纳为以下几点:擅长艺术,高贵、优雅、聪明、美丽、长寿、洁癖,自然主义者,擅长使用魔法和弓箭,居住在森林中,组成比较松散的王国,彼此之间平等友好——这就是《chinahbhq》系列中精灵最早的雏形。


Torkin, a great writer, even developed an elven language for the elves in the novel "the wizard". "The demon" in "Warcraft" also has a similar language of its own, and this is actually a kind of tribute.
Of course, now, the image of the wizard is divided into European and American and Japanese two, compared to the East and West represents the spirit of the image, it is not difficult to see clues.



"Chinahbhq", Valera Sangulnar
European style:
The shape of the ear is sharper and longer, extending the back of the brain. Figure is tall and robust, generally about 180cm, but also more convex. From the face, the lines are more obvious, but not in line with the traditional oriental aesthetic, facial features slightly rough.
Age is exaggerated - it usually has a lifespan of ten thousand years and doesn't grow old. (see Illidan, who has been in captivity for twenty thousand years, anyway, I don't think he's ever changed.





"Chinahbhq", Siti de Little
Japan South Korea wind:
The shape of the ear is shorter and more rounded than that of the European and American wind and usually extends to both sides. Small stature, height is only about 150cm, most of the time to eat only vegetarian elves, and certainly not how good figure (chinahbhq animation in those magnificent chest elves, are generally only to please otaku an audience here, not many repeat). Soft facial lines, more in line with the traditional Oriental aesthetic.
Japan and the south wind elves age is normal, generally in human life (according to 80 years count) a hundred times or so, will enter the elderly.





Generally speaking, many of China's current market games, most of the image of the wizard is using the Japanese and Korean style. For the "Adorable culture" accept the relatively high degree of the US, Japan and South Korea is the spirit image may be more suitable for us to appreciate the opposite; Europe and the United States Department of spirit in our opinion is more prone to muscle and the United States lines, not suitable for the more traditional Chinese aesthetics.一般来说中国很多现在市面上的游戏中,精灵的形象大多都是沿用日韩式的造型。对于“萌文化”接受度比较高的我们来说,日韩系的精灵形象可能更加适合我们欣赏;相反欧美系的精灵其实在我们看来更加倾向于肌肉美和线条美,不太适合审美观较为传统的国人。


For example, "chinahbhq" Mobile Games of elves is such, protect the delicate facial features and delicate body more able to arouse their desire to Indoorsman, in addition to the appearance of the delicate, usually have a powerful magical spirit also reflects a unique contrast. Huge magic world view and rich species has been the characteristics of chinahbhq, and now the "chinahbhq" hand tour is about to be the first test, players will soon be able to appreciate the lovely and charming wizard magician sisters!例如《chinahbhq》手游中的精灵族便是如此,精致的五官和纤弱的身体更加能够激起宅男们的保护欲,此外与外表的娇弱不同,通常拥有强大魔法能力的精灵也体现出了一种独特的反差。庞大的魔幻世界观以及丰富的物种一直是chinahbhq的特色,如今《chinahbhq》手游即将首测,玩家们很快就能欣赏到可爱迷人的精灵魔法师妹子们了!

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