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  核心提示:Xiaobian play blue can count on is the legendary web game classic nostalgia, watching the moon alway...
Xiaobian play blue can count on is the legendary web game classic nostalgia, watching the moon always think of the teacher in the class a fun funny turn on the computer, the bottom right of the screen will appear the "99 level" in serious. As a tribute to the classic legend web games, fun blue this style can be said to be the "game of the debris flow. The official also knows that the mudslide has rolled a little too far, and two big men have been rescued from the rescue station, namely, spokesmen Andy Lau and Tony Leung. Have to say, Andy Lau and Tony Leung are playing I can get into the blue moon opportunity, I also can support the power source of the debris flow into the blue moon fun flowing. Let us Dangqishuangjiang now, with this fun blue boat recalling past years.小编觉得贪玩蓝月可以算的上是一款经典怀旧的传奇类网页游戏,看着贪玩蓝月总能想到老师上课一打开电脑,屏幕右下方就会出现的“一刀99级”严肃中的搞笑。作为一款向经典致敬的传奇类网页游戏,贪玩蓝月这个风格可以说是当今网页游戏中的泥石流了。估计官方也知道这个泥石流滚得有点大,救急请了两位大佬来救场,也就是代言人刘德华和梁家辉了。不得不说,刘德华和梁家辉是我能进贪玩蓝月的契机,也是我能支撑着把贪玩蓝月这股泥石流变成溪水长流的动力源泉。那现在就让我们荡起双桨,随着贪玩蓝月这小船儿追忆往昔岁月吧。


Game background

Since the moon is a tribute to the classic fun, the fun blue background of the game is certainly something like reinforced concrete square mixed products. Role dressed like western clown, the background is the mysterious oriental ancient buildings, both Western and Eastern rank, the hegemony of the emperor, both Western and Oriental warrior appearance, Taoist sword...游戏背景



Game picture

I guess Tony Leung and Louis Koo after two endorsements have not looked back at the game, I guess they both want to hit people. Although the blue moon is a tribute to the legendary classic fun web games, but the progress of the times you have to melt into is not a little of the heart, the picture.游戏画面



The village and a copy of the novice fun on the top of blue buildings do not know all black, do not know is not to create a second speed 3D stereo feeling, but it is indeed better than the general graphic design web games more stereo feeling, but make people uncomfortable. The characters are very small and set off the huge buildings in the background, which really creates a sense of 3D. In addition to copies and new village, and the rest of the background is mostly green, but also can relieve eye fatigue, this barely give a praise it.贪玩蓝月的新手村和副本的建筑物顶上不知道为全是黑的,不知道是不是想营造出一种速秒的3D立体感,不过这样确实比一般网页游戏的平面设计多出了立体感,但是看着让人怪不舒服的。角色都设计的很小,衬托着背景中那些巨大的建筑物,倒是真给营造出了3D立体感。除了副本和新手村,其余的背景大都是漫漫的绿色,也能解除一下眼疲劳,这点勉强给个赞吧。


Role design, Xiaobian feel terrible, no matter what career, body armour is green, forgive color. Dressed like a Western clown, he painted his face differently. There are more embarrassing is the character's way of walking, I also find the feeling of childhood fun from the moon role walking way: everyone with an ax to walk upon the grass, with a small line when walking like MMP, heart all have to say.角色的设计小编觉得可怕,不管是什么职业身上的战甲都是绿油油的原谅色。穿着跟西方小丑似得,就差脸上涂个颜色了。还有比较尴尬的就是角色的行走方式,我也是从贪玩蓝月角色行走方式找到童年的感觉的:所有人都提着一把巨斧行走希望的绿草上,跟小时候排队竞走似得,心中万般mmp一定要讲。


Features play

The blue moon fun gameplay features developed many unique to their blue moon fun gameplay features in nostalgic memories, the play is also worthy of future generations to learn. Before the first is always fun blue advertise special ring play. In general, the ring, that is, Gaga fixed attributes, is not taken out of analysis alone, so not many people care. The special ring system is the property blue fun can bring the role of ring amplification into a system, it may give unlimited upgrades and pioneering, let property is no longer fixed.特色玩法


贪玩蓝月一刀99级不好玩不是兄弟The second is a fun game player try is blue hero system, some people feel that the hero is the other game partner, in fact. Naughty blue hero is in addition to a two occupation occupation in itself outside the game player, if the game player character is male, the female hero is, and vice versa. The hero system can make fun of blue moon game player a character to experience two play, why not quick! We often play games when you feel lonely, a person playing the game with a person like watching movies, all feel like nobody complained of fun blue design group designed a game player can invite other play play, let the game no longer lonely, let our childhood memories full of laughter.第二个值得玩家一试贪玩蓝月的就是英雄系统,有的人会觉得英雄就是其他游戏的伙伴,其实不然。贪玩蓝月的英雄是除了玩家本身职业之外的另两个职业中的一个,如果玩家角色是男的,那英雄就是女的,反之亦然。贪玩蓝月的英雄系统可以让玩家一个角色体验到两种玩法,何不快哉!玩游戏的时候我们常常会觉得孤独,一个人玩游戏就跟一个人看电影一样,万般感觉没人诉说,贪玩蓝月的设计组设计出了一个可以邀请其他玩家一起玩的玩法,让我们的游戏生涯不再孤独,让咱们的幼时回忆充满欢声笑语。

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